AS tole by US, CocO, MeeKO, VaLENTinE and KiwI, THe PIGgIE HOsTS

Ok, my piggy momma and aunts finally decided that I could type the best so I'm going to be telling this story as seen thru my eyes! This is Kiwi, I'm the youngest of us and the fastest all around and much better at typing. I have this keyboard thing down, look out Human moma!! WHHEEKKKKK!!!

oUr (oops) human moma has lots of friends who are bright and intelligent because they own guinea pigs too! These humans all got together over this thing our moma calls "the computer" and decided to get together over at our house. BOY were we excited!! We have never had company like that before.

Well, they all decided on a day, something called July 24th. I was told that it was the day after my four month old birthday. I'm really growing up fast.

You should have seen our human moma and daddy rushing around the house cleaning, running this huge thing that moma calls a vacuum cleaner around. Then she gave us all a bath, like we were dirty or something!!! My aunt Coco told me that we had to look our best for all our company. We also got brushed with a real soft brush, I love that!

Then human moma told us to all be on our best behavior and that these humans and piggies all lived in TEXAS, Auntie Meeko explained this to me, with the exception of one lady who was coming from Oklahoma, again Auntie Meeko filled me in on what a Oklahoma is.

The day finally gets here and Harley "the biker piggy" is the first to arrive!!! He is a handsome dude. He brought his son and another pal with him that were going to be a birthday present for another human, named Debbie. Axel Rose lived with Debbie until he got tired and went to the rainbow bridge. That's the story my moma Valentine told me. Debbie loved her birthday presents, like who wouldn't love two cute lil guys like us??? She gave them names, Troy and Emmit, something to do with a thing called Football. These humans, they can be so funny sometimes but we love them.

Everyone starting arriving and before we knew it we had 26 piggy friends over and all their human mommies and daddies too!!! Our human moma told us later that there were more of us piggies than humans, wheek, wheek, I think that is just great!!!

We all got cuddled and fed lots of fresh veggies and I got to see my brother JAKE!!! and his new pal Scooby. Jake says he really likes his new home which is with my human grandma. A lot of us girl piggies got to run around in the hall during the pignic and my aunt Coco and Guinivier didn't get along too well. I always said that aunt Coco thinks she is the boss but they settled down and got along ok, they didn't want to miss out on all the petting. I have to say that we were all looking our best that day, all humans were just gushing over all of us piggies.

Well, while us piggies nibbled on some great alfalfa hay that a very nice human lady sent for the pignic, our mommies and daddies had a birthday cake and guess what???

That cake had a pigture of my moma, Valentine, and aunts Coco and Meeko.

Where was I, I asked??? Moma Valentine explained to me that Jake and I were in her tummy waiting to be born so in a way I guess me and Jake were on the cake too!! That made me happy so I went back to munching my hay.

We did have one tragedy that I feel I must include. Two of our buddies didn't quite make the trip, it just got too hot for them in their human moma's van. They went to the bridge and we will miss them.

Finally all of us piggies got pretty tired and the mommies and daddies started packing things up to go back home. I was sad that it had to end but also I was one very tuckered out pig! Our human moma gave everyone that came a thing she kept calling a "goodie bag" as they left. I asked her what is a goodie bag? She said I would find out later and told me that the same nice lady that sent the hay had sent these for all of us piggies too!! I couldn't wait...I let out a beautiful WHHEEEKKKK and she opened up one for us. Now I know why they are called "goodie bags"!!!!

All in all it was one fine pignic, of course it's the only one I've ever been to but what could be better than to get to eat all day and be petted at the same time!!!! PPPPUUUURRRRR!!!!!

--Kiwi , Piggy companion to Kelly Hensley

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