Although we would love to be able to do so, JPGPR cannot possibly care for every abused or abandoned guinea pig in need of a good home. Luckily, there are a number of kind people who are willing to take in such guinea pigs on a temporary basis until a happy permanent home can be found. When we learned of these guinea pigs awaiting adoption, we decided to help spread the word. So if you are looking for a guinea pig, please think about inviting these cuties to live with you. Thank you for considering a rescued guinea pig as a new member of your family!

Twin City Guinea Pig Rescue is a small scale rescue in St. Paul, Minnesota, run by our friend Allysee. Allysse has been a huge help to me in taking rescues I had no room for. She has also fostered and adopted out a few guinea pigs from my shelter, helping to free up room at JPGPR for emergency and at risk cases. Allysse is knowledgeable and caring, and does a great job with the guinea pigs in her care.

Dapple is a single boar currently at the Twin City Guinea Pig Rescue. He is about a year old. He is a black and cream short hair guinea pig. He likes being held and loves having space to run around. Dapple is not sure he likes other guinea pigs, so he needs a home where he can stay as a single pig if needed.

 Dapple (left) with friend

More photographs of Dapple and the other guinea pigs currently available for adoption at the rescue can be seen here:

If you are interested in Dapple or the other guinea pigs, please email us with a quick description of your family. Contact or 651-335-0158.

Calvin and Hobbes, formerly know as The Bad Boys, were neutered October 27, 2004. We had a little trouble with abscesses after the surgery but both boys are now healed and were given a clean bill of health by my vet.

The boys have mellowed considerably after their neuter. They are now fairly easy to get out of the cage and are much easier to handle. Calvin and Hobbes accept being held quietly and even enjoy a bit of snuggling. The boys do occasionally nip while being held if they decide they've got better things to do, so would not be good for families with young children or first time piggie owners.

Calvin and Hobbes are very bonded, tend to hang out close to each other and sometimes enjoy a rousing game of tag. Even when put in the holding cage on cage cleaning day after other pigs have been in there (including sows) the boys do not get all hyper or aggressive with each other. Quite a big difference from before their surgery. These boys are very entertaining and watching them interact is a hoot.

Calvin and Hobbes are identical twins. It is very difficult to tell them apart. One might be a tad lighter in color and weight than the other. I've had to cheat and put a blue dot on each of Hobbes ears to help me tell them apart. I've never had two pigs that looked so much alike before.

Calvin and Hobbes are big hefty stocky boys. At approx. 1200 grams each is an armful when held. The boys are a dark cream color coat with lovely dark eyes. Very handsome. They are American breed of guinea pig (short smooth coats) and will be about a year old in April 2005.

Calvin and Hobbes are at Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue in Stacy, Minnesota. This is roughly an hours drive from the Twin Cities. For further information on our adoption process please take some time and read through the information in the Adoption section of this web site. If you feel Calvin and Hobbes might be the right guinea pigs for you or if you have questions, please email Vicki at

The Humane Society of Douglas County, Wisconsin - located in Superior, Wisconsin - occasionally gets in "other pets" such as guinea pigs and rabbits. I've been told this shelter has educated themselves to take better care of guinea pigs and rabbits in their care, and they do try to adopt them out to good homes. If anybody in this area is interested in adopting a guinea pig or rabbit, you might want to check with the Humane Society of Douglas County, Wisconsin:

Paula's Pigdom is a small scale guinea pig rescue operated out of Roseville, MN. Paula frequently helps JPGPR out by taking in needy little piggers that we don't have room for, pampers them and finds them terrific new homes. She does an excellent job with both her resident guinea pigs and her rescues. Please use the link below to visit Paula's Pigdom web site to see what cuties she has available:

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