Come Join Us for The Fourth Annual Minnesota Pignic!

When: Saturday, June 7th, 2003 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

 Drive Safely!

Where: Coon Rapids Dam Pavilion #2. It's one of the shelters near the trout lake. It's closer to the pignic site if you park and unload at picnic area #3. Very close to a restroom building and parking lot. Close to the Mississippi River. For park information and directions, go to the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park web site.

Who: All Guinea Pig Lovers! Friends, spouses and kids welcome!

Come meet and greet other piggy people and their pigs. We will have music and a hot grill and lots of food and lively conversation. If you would like to bring something to grill and an extra dish to share, that would be great. Linda from Kleenmama's Hayloft ( has kindly provided a box of her lovely bluegrass hay for the pig pens. We invite folks to take a sample of her hay home, along with a Hayloft flyer.

Piggy Flea Market: We will have cages, bowls, water bottles, and miscellaneous items for sale, as well as some cavy artwork done by local artist Lea Martin. You can check out some of Lea's work (including adorable guinea pig drawings) at SuzieQGifts. Some of the proceeds will be donated to the Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue!

If your guinea pig has been sick or has shown any sign of mites, lice or ringworm infestation in the last month -- or has been treated for any of these -- please do not bring him/her to ensure that nothing is passed along to the other pigs. We also ask that all young children be closely supervised around the animals, and are not allowed to enter the guinea pig pens or to handle other people's pigs without permission from the owner.

For further directions or information, please email

Hope to see you there, happy wheeking!

To see pictures from our last pignic, click here!