The 5th Annual Minnesota Guinea Pig Pignic

It's that time of year again! Time for Minnesota guinea pig owners to gather and show off their piggers, talk about their piggers, eat food while watching piggers play and mingle, and buy things for their piggers - and themselves. There are some interesting new events planned this year, such as a chance for owners to have their pictures taken with their fabulous guinea pigs, a flea market where used pet items can be bought and sold, and a raffle with several nifty items.

We Minnesotans are not snooty - guinea pig lovers from other parts of the country are welcome to join in the festivities. For lots more information and updates, please visit the 5th Annual Spring Minnesota Pignic web site: 2004MinnesotaPignic

 Drive Safely!

When: Saturday, June 26th 2004 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Where: Bald Eagle/Otter Lakes Regional Park 5800 Hugo Road, White Bear Township
Who: All Guinea Pig Lovers Welcome!
Description: The Shelter is located by the parking lot as you come into the park by Scenic Bald Eagle Lake. Bathroom Facilities very close by.

Come meet and greet other piggy people and their pigs. Bring your spouse, your kids, friends - and your guinea pigs! We will have music, a hot grill and lots of food and lively conversation. You may also want to bring something to cook and perhaps an extra dish to share.

Information about the park and directions can be found at this web site:
You can email any other questions to:

It is important that all guinea pigs brought to the Pignic are healthy and free of bugs. Please do not bring any guinea pigs that have recently been sick or are currently being treated for an illness. Guinea pigs that are suspected of having bugs or have been treated for bugs or fungal infections in the last month should also be left at home to ensure that they don't pass anything to the other pigs. We also ask that all young children be closely supervised around the animals and are not allowed to play with the guinea pigs without first getting the owners permission.

Hope to see you there. Happy wheeking!